The 7 Most Haunted Places In Asheville N.C.

Are you looking for a scare this Halloween season? Start planning your trip to the mysterious Smoky Mountains and visit some of the most haunted places in Asheville, N.C. The city is one of the oldest in the South and has cultivated the tales of the souls left behind. Get your spook on and discover the haunted history of our mountain town during your next trip to North Carolina.

The Most Haunted Places In Asheville N.C.

  • Helen’s Bridge
    Hidden in the hills near Beaucatcher Mountain is Helen’s Bridge. The stone bridge was constructed in 1909, but the real story doesn’t start until the 1930s. The legend of Helen’s Bridge starts with Helen, a mid-aged Asheville woman who suffered from a midlife crisis. Eventually, Helen’s life was made whole with the birth of her only daughter. One evening during a tragic kitchen accident, Helen’s house erupted into flames with her infant daughter trapped inside. When she awoke to learn that her child had not survived the fire, she fell into a deep depression. Helen made the decision to end her life by hanging on the forest’s bridge. To this day, visitors have reported seeing a middle-aged woman hanging from the bridge along with drained car batteries and locked cars.
  • Thomas Wolfe Memorial
    The childhood home of renowned author Thomas Wolfe is a host of spirits of decades past. Visitors of the home have mentioned seeing a man rocking in a chair, a woman in the dining room, sounds of an old typewriter, and a face staring down to the street from the upstairs window.
  • Barley’s Taproom And Pizzeria
    Barley’s Taproom and Pizzeria marks the sight of one of Asheville’s worst mass shootings. In 1906, Will Harris escaped from prison and went on a shooting rampage. By the end of the spree, the man had shot and killed two police officers, a woman, and an innocent bystander. During your next pizza dinner stop, be on the lookout for a man dressed in all black strolling down Biltmore Avenue and into the front door of Barley’s.
  • Pritchard Park
    For a real Southern scare, swing by Pritchard Park. The park is said to be a resting spot for Confederate soldiers who enjoy lounging on the park benches or wandering aimlessly around the park’s grounds at dusk.
  • Isis Restaurant And Music Hall
    Perhaps the smallest ghost of Asheville, little Susie is said to haunt the halls of Isis Restaurant and Music Hall. The little girl was the daughter of the former Isis Theater owners. Susie roams the theater’s halls laughing and talking to herself.
  • Battery Park Hotel
    There are several ghosts that haunt Battery Park Hotel. One of the most notable is the ghost of 19-year-old Helen Clevenger. Helen was traveling South during summer break from NYU when she was viciously murdered and later found by her uncle. Her ghost is said to enter the rooms of the hotel looking for answers in her death.
  • Pond Road
    Asheville is a pet-friendly city—and ghost pets are no exception. Pond Road is home a ghost dog who hangs out around the road before crossing over to the quarry for a drink. While the dog isn’t aggressive, do watch for him to dart into the street.

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