At Oak Hill on Love Lane Bed and Breakfast, breakfast is an event!  A delicious and abundant breakfast is served at 9:00 each morning.  Our guests love getting to meet other travelers and exchange stories about their daily adventures in the mountains.  If your travel or activity schedule doesn’t allow time to attend our breakfast, just let us know the day before and we will be happy to prepare a breakfast for you.

We buy organic, and non GMO from local farms as much as possible. We prefer to prepare our breakfast options gluten free with minimally processed sugars. Our breakfasts focus on an international menu with influence on Eastern European, the Middle East, Asian and traditional American style.

We typically serve a starter, and main course and on occasion a main course and dessert.  We can accommodate different types of diets including Paleo, Keto, Vegan, vegetarian, raw, and the list goes on.


Starters in the summer are usually served cold and include things like berry bowl with cream, fruit mousse, yogurt parfait, chia seed pudding and soon we’ll have all our yogurts homemade.

When the weather cools off, starters become, hot gluten free cereals with seasonal fruit, and maybe a  mousse and chia seed pudding served it warm.

Main course

We serve quiches, a variety of egg dishes, slow cooked cheesy grits, asparagus, bacon, sausage, turkey or pork loin along with items like tomato salad, avocado toast, potato perogy, polish style crepes, smoked salmon, cream cheese, breads on request, biscuits, and local or homemade jams.

Assortment of juices, French press coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.